April 9 - 11, 2018 | Kathmandu, Nepal

International Conference on

Identifying Challenges, Assessing Progress, Moving Forward:

Addressing Impunity and Realizing Human Rights in South Asia

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Despite of the active work of human rights defenders and the energetic participation of human rights institutions across South Asia, achieving human rights objectives, particularly in the post-conflict setting remains a daunting task. Almost all the countries in the South Asian region - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka face common challenges of impunity, endemic violence, and institutionalized discrimination in realizing their human rights goals. These challenges are further aggravated by the high prevalence of poverty, imbalanced development, political instabilities, slow economic growth rates, low literacy, widespread malnutrition, and rampant cases of gender - based violence along with discrimination in education, nutrition, health and employment.   Read more

Our Objectives

  • Reflect on the changed context of Human Rights in South Asia over past 15 years;
  • Provide a forum for identifying local, regional, and international challenges in human rights protection and promotion and in combating to impunity and human rights abuses. To ensure that gender and issues of gender-based violence are integrated into discussions;
  • Share effective practices for responding to fundamental rights violations and where relevant, in the times of conflict and the post-conflict period;
  • Identify effective collaborations between National Human Rights Institutions and other human rights defenders in overcoming challenges through “best practices” particularly in terms of government advocacy. To identify ways to build on effective practices in education and advocacy around human rights that have been employed to address these challenges.   Read More


  • Legal Obligation and Accountability measures for security sectors in human rights protection and ending impunity
  • The rights of women and other marginalized communities and challenges of combatting impunity.
  • Migration and livelihood and specific challenges with regard to ensuring safeguarding of their rights and combatting impunity in this sector
  • Regional and domestic: obstacles, challenges and best practices in cooperation among NHRIs and Human Rights Organizations at the regional level and at the domestic level for achieving human rights objectives
  • Truth and reconciliation: commissions, lessons learned, and what not to do.



William O'Neill


Marc Limon


Ashley William Gois

Expert Panelist


Khushi Kabir


Sona Khan


Vrinda Grover


    Day 1 Schedule    
Day 1
Start Time: 2pm [Local Time]
Registration 2.00 - 3.00 pm
Session 1 Brief welcome by Commissioner, focusing on objectives and vision [By Key Note speaker Challenges facing NHRIs]
Session 2 Opening Ceremony --- Welcome by Chair (II)Talks by PM and President --
Session 3 Film screening (optional)[Need TO Finalize]
    Day 2 Schedule    
Day 2
Start Time: 8:30 am [Local Time];
Session 1 [Plenary] Reflect on changes in the human rights context of the region over the past decade and a half, both positive and regressive.
Chairperson/ Commissioners
Session 2 Role of security forces in promoting or challenging impunity [Papers by Experts and Q/A]
Session 3 Role of Security Forces in promoting or Challenging Impunity [Panel/ following Q/A]
Session 4 Rights of Women and other Marginalize Community and Challenges of Combating Impunity
Session 5 The voices of human rights: Freedom of expression and its meaning in South Asia
Session 6 Migration and livelihood[Paper by Expert Q/A ]
Session 7 Film Screening [Optional: Public]
    Day 3 Schedule    
Day 3
Start Time: 8:30 am [Local Time];
Session 1 [Plenary] Human Rights Organizations’ experiences of challenges in advocacy and work against impunity, and best practices, including collaboration with NHRIs
Session 2 Truth and Reconciliation: commissions, lessons learned, and what not to do impunity
Session 3 Regional networking for impact [APF/GANARI]
Session 4 Concluding reflections and discussion: By Moderators/Facilitators
Session 5 Press conference


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